Learnasium is about learning skills for life, mostly by playing games.


As is gymnasium to a healthy body, so is Learnasium to the healthy mind.  Through games, activities, & contests students engage and entertain themselves to top notch proficiency in core skills such as Languages, Math, & Science.


For the first time in history, we have an option to ask our children to “Go Play” and help them achieve global standards in academic performance, while discovering the truest joy of learning along the way!


Learnasium is a world class learning framework that integrates the fundamental building blocks into a holistic set of skills mastered through a series of games.  Learnasium games are available as physical products, web technologies, and mobile Apps for anytime anywhere playing and learning.


Learnasium enhances learning through attracting students into virtual peer-pressure-led enjoyment of reading, viewing, & listening world class books, movies, and audio programs.


Learnasium positions parents and teachers for positive involvement and encouragement, while minimizing the traps of negative interventions and reinforcements.  Leveraging technology for monitoring and reporting, Learnasium provides the information and insight that parents & teachers need while creating time & opportunities for fun filled interactions that the children want and need.


As students master the skills, their competitive energy in channelled into exciting contests that inspire them towards world class standards.  Students are naturally drawn towards following the right role models and towards becoming the role models themselves.


Enjoy the new ways of learning – the LEARNASIUM way!